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Für alle Fans

Rollenspielklassiker Ultima 6 ist wieder da

Das Ultima 6 Project ist fertig. Die Version 1.0 des Fan-Remakes von "Ultima VI: The False Prophet" lädt zum Neuentdecken von Origins Rollenspielklassiker ein

Team Archon Releases 1.0 of the Ultima 6 Project

On this, the 20th anniversary year of the release of Origin Systems' Ultima 6, it is with much pleasure that we announce the 1.0 release of Team Archon's Ultima 6 Project, for Dungeon Siege 1 (PC and Mac). Players will find a huge and exciting world waiting to be discovered:

Travel throughout the lands of Britannia, exploring deep, dark forests with bandits lying in wait, deserts and swamps teaming with monsters, and peaceful towns and villages filled with shops, old friends, and interesting people just waiting to give the player numerous and exciting quests to solve.

Explore deep and dangerous caves and caverns full of treasure and hidden surprises. Bring your breadcrumbs to mark your trail, or be prepared to be thoroughly and completely lost, with your remains left to be found by future explorers.

Sail the savage seas to explore remote islands, but be vigilant for there are sea monsters lying in wait for the careless traveler

Discover a hidden new world, far from Britannia.

Encounter strange and exotic races, including the mysterious Gargoyles.

Fight fearsome monsters, find pirate loot, solve a murder, and discover the truth behind the numerous attacks on Britannia’s towns.

Learn the commerce of the land for fun and profit.

Learn magical spells, search for magic reagents, and join guilds to gain special benefits.

Those players with proclivities to the dark side can follow an "evil path".

And, last, but not least, ferret out the hidden Easter eggs.

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